Class 1000: A Marvel Super Heroes Live RPG

The Class 1000 Podcast is a live role-play podcast using the Classic Marvel Superheroes FASERIP system. Join us for 1990’s style gaming!

Teek-K-O, Coppertop, and C-Man visit Johnny Bifrost's apartment on Yancy Street. They find him gone, a strange package in the center of the living room, and an ever deepening mystery regarding The Book.

Teek-K-O, Coppertop, and C-Man have another day of down time to train, build stuff, and do some investigating. It's more entertaining than it sounds.

Teek-K-O, Coppertop, and C-Man drop Johnny and the things at the police, then head to Pier 44 to see what Mister Fear is up to. Can they derail his plans for the Flashing Blades and Buzz Cuts, or will they fall on their faces? Listen and find out!

Teek-K-O, Coppertop, and C-Man head to Central Park to meet up with Johnny Bifrost, and try to save his life from his former gang. How long will it take these super powerful beings to defeat 6 non-powered teenagers? (Hint: Look at how long the episode is.)

Teek-K-O, Coopertop, and C-Man go through all of amazingly entertaining steps of advancing their characters. Thrill at Coopertop trying to invent new equipment! Chill at C-Man trying to get Sersei to teach him new powers! And don't Spill your soda as the guys visiting Chuck-E-Cheese to celebrate Teek-K-O's blue belt!

They also do some investigation to move the plot along, so it's not a complete waste of your listening time.

 Ra, Coppertop, and C-Man leave the poker game hosted by Hammerhead and try to catch up to Teek-K-O before the action goes down at Washington Square Park. Can they do it, or was splitting the party last episode not such a good idea? Listen in and find out!

Ra, Coppertop, Teek-K-O, and C-Man infiltrate a card game hosted by Hammerhead. To do this, though, they have to take a Chicago mobster "on a ride". Where do they take him? Who will take his place in the game? Will they clean out Hammerhead playing poker or will they get caught? Find out in this thrill packed* episode!

* The management makes no guarantee as to how many thrills are actually contained in this episode.

Ra, Coppertop, Teek-K-O, Erik, and C-Man try to work out just what's going on, since they've met a werewolf, Frankenstein's Monster, and "Batman" so far. Apparently figuring it out includes trying to do everything they can to find appropriate costumes to blend in at "The Roaring 20's".

That's right, this is "yes, and" gone crazy.

Ra, Coppertop, Teek-K-O, Erik (formerly known as "Rob"), and C-Man venture out to Starky's Pool Hall in an "inconspicuous" attempt to find out what's going on. Plans will be made! Villains will be fought! Parties will be split! Are they any closer to solving the mystery? How well does the group negotiate/interrogate? Find out in this episode!

This is a long one, folks.

Ra, Coppertop, and Teek-K-O add new members "Rob" and C-Man to the group. Will more people help them find the mysterious book? Will Gene's new rules make things easier to do, or is he just messing with the group? What do trainee heroes do in their down time? Some of these questions will be answered in this episode.

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